Teaching Strategies (Volume 2, Issue 2)

journal logoThe following manuscripts come from Volume 2, Issue 2 (Summer 2015) of The Journal on Best Teaching Practices. The theme for this issue is “Classroom Design”. You can download a PDF of the entire issue here.  Select the title of each article below to go to a full HTML version, or select the corresponding PDF version to download the article.  To visit the archives click here.

Author Title
Ashley Schuler Being a Culturally Relevant Teacher [PDF]
Rebecca Huth A Strategy for Classroom Management Success [PDF]
Emily Stark Co-teaching: The Benefits and Disadvantages [PDF]
Joclyn Pierce Cooperative Learning in Classrooms Today [PDF]
Abigail Aasen A Teacher’s Guide to Giving Effective Feedback [PDF]
Reese Madlem Independent Resolution: A Guide to False Conflict in Children [PDF]
Taylor Hamersly How Timed Reading Improves Students in the Classroom [PDF]
David Kadoun Academic Gaming in the Classroom [PDF]
Kevin Leor Guest Speakers: A Great Way to Commit to Education [PDF]
Erin Blackford Mnemonic Devices: The Solution to Memory Failure [PDF]
Ashley Pagel Homework Teaching Strategies [PDF]

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