missionThe Journal on Best Teaching Practices is a peer reviewed electronic journal devoted to the discussion of K-12 teaching excellence and the training of pre-service teacher candidates. It is maintained by pre-service teacher candidates and faculty from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, in the department of Teacher Education.

Mission of Journal on BTP. To provide a valuable resource to pre-service teacher candidates and other teachers while providing teacher candidates at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls an authentic writing and editing experience.

This journal was created in an effort to elevate the quality of student writing while simultaneously exposing undergraduates to the scholarly writing process they will continue to engage in as classroom teachers. Students in TED 120/155 each have the opportunity to be blind reviewers for the journal and the editorial board and design teams are made up of former students who wish to continue gaining experience in research, writing, design, and/or publishing.

The articles submitted to this journal are short in an effort to be more useful to teacher candidates and classroom teachers. The authors review existing literature to construct easy to digest summaries of “best teacher practices” that are made available to the public for free.

The Journal on Best Teaching Practices is an open access journal.