The following manuscripts come from Volume 2, Issue 1 (Spring 2015) of The Journal on Best Teaching Practices.  The theme for this issue is “Classroom Design”. You can download a PDF of the entire issue here (708 kb)Click here to see other issues in the archives.

Author Title
Entire Issue Volume 2, Issue 1: Classroom Design PDF (665 kb)
Keaton Anderson Preface to Volume 2, Issue 1 PDF (227 kb)
Haley Chinander The Teacher’s First Day of School: What to Do Before Walking into Class  PDF (199 kb)
Matthew P. Krych Placement of the Teacher’s Desk  PDF (193 kb)
Olivia Wannarka Organization in the Classroom  PDF (188 kb)
Natalie Lewis Daily Agendas: The Key to Organizing the Classroom  PDF (195 kb)
Marissa Fredrickson Time to Get Serious: How to get the most out of your lesson plan!  PDF (191 kb)
Sara Joslin Building a Classroom Community  PDF (189 kb)
Anna Wessel Peer Learning Strategies in the Classroom  PDF (195 kb)
Sarah Renslow Let’s Collaborate about Cooperative Learning  PDF (200 kb)
Kaile Marlatt Worth the Reward  PDF (197 kb)
McKell Larson Getting Parents Involved in the Classroom  PDF (195 kb)
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