journal logoThe following manuscripts come from Volume 3, Issue 1 (Spring 2016) of The Journal on Best Teaching Practices. The theme for this issue is “Assessment”. You can download a PDF of the entire issue here.  Select the title of each article below to go to a full HTML version, or select the corresponding PDF version to download the article.  To visit the archives click here.

Author Title
Ashley Downing Assessing the Assessor
Kristy Lind Pre-Assessment
Isaac Castellano A Learner-Centered Approach to Assessment
Emmett Dziuk Use of Student-Generated Questions in the Classroom
Emma Robinson Summative Assessment
Madeline Miller A Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Assessment Techniques
Samantha Corcoran Discussion in the Classroom: Why to Do It, How to Do It, and How to Assess It
Sara Stewart Testing Accommodations for Kids with ADHD
Taylor Vlasak Montessori Approach vs. Traditional Approach to Assessment
Alice Darling Enhance Student Learning Through the Use of Rubrics
Mari Meuwissen Tips for Grading: A Teacher’s Guide